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Ma-Li-La Jasmine Flower Extract

Among 200 jasmine species, Ma-li-la jasmine (a species in the jasmine sambuc family native to Thailand, is the most important flower of the Thais’ daily life. This tiny white flower with a divinely uplifting scent is ultimately perceived as a sacred flower representing graceful purity and homage the Thais have for Lord Buddha and their benevolent ones.

We bottled extracts from jasmine flower, aloe vera, jasmine floral water, green tea and ginger to hydrate and sooth like giving skin an unremitting oasis.


Jasminum sambac


Extract from flower and essential oil




Hydrates and soothes skin


Organic Ma-li-la Jasmine

Our jasmine flowers are native to Thailand. They belong to Jasmine sambuc family and are called ‘Ma-li-la’ jasmine. The Ma-li-la jasmines we used for this collection are from Nakhon Chaisri district in Nakhon Pratom province, which is Thailand’s best jasmine source that produces high quality jasmine flowers with big petals, long stalks and magnificently sweet scent—owing to highly-fertile loose soil. We used chemical-free Jasmine flowers form this best source to extract the best skin hydrating benefit and scent our ‘Jasmine Ritual’ collection with a calming and mind-soothing sensory of Ma-li-la jasmine, tenderly handpicked very early in the morning when the floral fragrance is potent.  We met Khun Buum, the friendly jasmine farm owner, whose whole life has been associated with jasmine flowers. Khun Buum and her co-workers always start their day early in the morning by handpicking, assuring quality and packing jasmine flowers before transporting to Paklong Talaad, the biggest flower market in Bangkok.  Having had a chance to handpick jasmine flower by flower, we realized that the flowers had to be truly handled with delicate care. Jasmine flowers are always on high market demands. They significantly impel the floral business of the country, fostering many lives attached to it in a sustainable way. Being a flower of faith that reflects the important role in Thai way of life spiritually and economically, we chose Ma-li-la jasmine, as the flower of Thai life, to represent the collection of divinity and blissfulness and the simple of happiness of who live their lives with these tiny white flowers.
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