Moisturizing, Skin Conditioning, Soothing

Skin Hydrating, Stress Relief, Skin Rejuvenating

Skin conditioning, Anti-oxidant, Moisturizing

Stress Relief, Anti-aging, Moisturing

Stress Relief, Skin Conditioning

Moisturizing, Anti-aging

Anti-stress, Moisturizing, Astringent

Antiseptic, Anti-bacterial

Soothe skin ulcers, allergic rash

Anti-bacterial, anti-stress, anti-inflam

Anti-inflam, anti-allergic, kill germs

Improving the break down of fats

Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Skin regenerating

Anti-aging Rejuvenating, Smooths Skin

Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial, Skin Protecting

Misturizing, Skin Softening, Anti-aging

Hair Nourishing, Scalp Skin Conditioning

Anti-oxidant, Antiseptic, Anti-inflamatory

Skin Renewal, Promote Collagen Synthesis

Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging, Rejuvenation

Moisturizing, Rejuvenating, Healing&Soothing Skin

Sliming, anti-cellulite, antiseptic

Hydrating, Moisturizing

Promote collagen synthesis

Anti-depressant, Antiseptic, Skin Toning

Anti-aging, UV protection

Skin Brightening, Skin Lightening, Anti-oxidant

Skin Brightening, Skin Regenerating, Revitalizing

Anti-Oxidant, Anti-inflamatory

Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging, Rejuvenating

Moisturizing, Healing & Soothing, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflamatory