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From Journey
to Ingredients

Our happy journeys to the small farming communities across Thailand take us to the abundant path of Thai botanicals and their history. If you would like to know more about the ingredients in our happy products, join us on our Sabai-Arom passport-free journey throughout the land of smiles :)


“사바이아롬은 태국의 문화입니다.
Sabai-arom is a Thai culture. The act of feeling by the skin and accepting the product containing the culture of a country is valuable and very beautiful. Sabai-arom makes this worthy act possible. Experience the gracious, sacred, modest and relaxed Thai culture through Sabai-arom.” — Kay Kim

“My favorite Sabai-Arom is Jasmine Ritual Body Scrub.
The aromatic scent make my body and mind relaxed. The fine texture of sugar is painless for my sensitive skin and the skin will be soft and smooth like a baby after use. I gave my friends the body scrub as a gift and she also loved it a lot!”
— Satomi Ieyoshi

I use Sabai-Arom hand creams everyday to keep my hands soft and smell great! It’s nourishing but not sticky like other hand creams.”– Sasithorn Pueng

I love the natural scents from Sabai-Arom, it’s so refreshing and help me relax during the day.” — Wantanee P.


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